About Systemic Insight

The growing awareness of complexity in economy and society can have a paralysing effect on actors engaged in these systems. We more and more understand that our traditional linear approaches to social and economic change are not ready to handle complexity. Still, the basic paradigm behind the predominant approaches has not changed.

Under the heading of Systemic Insight, finding ways to enable change makers and leaders to cope with complexity and uncertainty has been at the heart of Mesopartner’s research work over the last few years. We have thereby drawn from academic research and from our personal work experience.

This website is an attempt to collect the experiences and knowledge we have gained over this time – as a place to share our learning and insights with freely so people can benefit from it and improve the way they are and act in complexity.

Marcus and Shawn in Summer 2019 in Berlin

Systemic Insight is an applied research and learning initiative of Mesopartner, lead by Marcus Jenal and Shawn Cunningham. The Mesopartner team is made up of development practitioners who are passionate about seeing more systemic approaches that lead both developing and so-called developed towards a sustainability transformation. Finding new ways of being and acting in complex human systems is becoming more important as we realise that our actions have to be more sensitive to the complexity of the societies where they want to see positive change happening.


Mesopartner is an international economic development consultancy known for pragmatic development instruments and concepts. Since 2010 Mesopartner has been assessing its own methods, tools and concepts based on insights from systems theories and complexity theories. This site is born out of this internal process but also from the process of supporting our customers, our counterparts and our friends in making sense of systems theories and complexity.