Critical Reflections on Systems

Critical Reflections on Systems is a new space for deep reflection and intersubjective learning on topics related to systems and complexity. The space brings together a small group of people (no more than 6) to discuss and reflect on the critical issues they are facing in their life and work related to systems and change.

It is not a training, but you will be learning together with others. It is not a conference, but you will be meeting interesting people. It is a place to explore a concept that you have wanted to explore but never found the time to do so – or the energy and motivation to do it on your own.

The format is simple. Four meetings over four weeks, one hour each. No introductions, no intellectual boasting, just curiosity, open mindedness and vulnerability that allows us to dive deep and uncover unknown layers of meaning. We will possibly experiencing new perceptions of reality that open up new ways of seeing things and new ways of being and acting in systems.

The first Critical Reflections on Systems space will take place in October 2021 on the topic of Agency and Entanglement. Calls will be on Wednesdays in October (6, 13, 20, 27 October) at 09.00 PDT / 12.00 EDT / 17.00 BST / 18.00 CEST. The cost is 350 EUR / 400 USD / 300 GBP per person (if this cost is prohibitive for you, let me know).

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